If you enjoyed the Wreck2Reef event we'd love to hear from you!

We made it and had a great time!
Wife Julie (age 65) did indeed complete her first open water swim event (500m)! Photo attached.
We also befriended Frank Engelsman, who just turned 70 last week and completed his first open water swim as well (1200m)! He was actually the last finisher.
Now I understand the wetsuit situation. In the States, open water swims are no-wetsuit. Wetsuits may be allowed, but the wearer is ineligible for awards. Here wetsuits are allowed, so anyone wanting to be competitive wears a wetsuit (like in triathlon). I was happy to enjoy the warm water without wetsuit.
— Oscar, Misson Viejo, California USA

I would like to say what a great success today was. It was lovely to see the Laverton Swim Club and also the extra swimmers the long race enticed to take part.
The cans are so well set out and very easy to see and all the food vans ,massage etc were much appreciated.
I enjoyed my swim very much and look forward to number 10 next year.
Thank you all for a lovely swim.
— Lit Belcher
Port Mussels all had a great swim, conditions were perfect. I even managed to convince a few work colleagues along from torquay & they loved it too. Such a relaxed, community feel to the swim.
Thanks to all at the yacht club for the swim, we’ll all be back next year!
— Port Mussels Swim Club

I just wanted to congratulate you all on a great event yesterday. My daughter, Kendra,  has been doing Open Water swims most weekends over the summer. Your event yesterday was very well run, compared to some of the bigger ones we have attended. Results were up quickly,  we didn’t have to wait too long for the presentations which  didn’t drag on and the prizes were really good!
Thanks for the day… hope to see you next year.