Why I Swim: Sue Cox

The Wreck2Reef event prides itself on being a fun and supportive community event. Whilst Swimmers do come from all over Victoria to participate, the feeling of a grass roots community event is still strong. 

We recently caught up with Indented Head local and multiple time W2R entrant Sue Cox to chat about swimming, training, and what she loves about the Wreck2Reef?

Why Swimming and how did you get into it?
I have tried many sports, however, swimming is the only one I have been able to stick at.  I have met such a wide variety of people through swimming, I love that side of it.

What do you prefer - Pool or Ocean? Why?
Pool for training so that I can have variety (other strokes, kick, drills etc)
Ocean for racing – it is more social, and I can just thrash my arms over the water.

How often do you train?
4 x per week

Distance you usually swim in a session?

Wetsuit or Hardcore?

Do you race or Do you cruise in a swim event?
Race – for being challenged, rather than the result

Favourite Stroke?

What do you think about when swimming?
I wonder who will be around for the post swim chat, drink, ice cream. 

What do you love about W2R?
Well organised; my husband (Craig) swims it too;  it has old fashioned good fun (go on the whistle, kids activities) and it is 50m from our caravan.

Ever gotten into trouble in the water?
Yes, in 2016 at Pope’s Eye at Queenscliff.  I got caught in the current and was pushed out to sea, I couldn’t get back to our boat despite having fins on.  My family couldn’t hear me yelling for them.  I waved down a passing boat, they rescued me and took me back my group.  A valuable lesson learned – it was quite frightening!

Prefer to swim with others or on own?
Definitely with others, for social reasons, and safety.

Best tip for Ocean Swimming newbie?
Find a group of people with a similar goal, hang out with them and learn from them.  Train in the pool, with regular swims in the ocean.

Any gripes about Swimming?
None.  Swimming has been fantastic to me throughout the ups and downs of my life.